Thursday, September 24, 2009

An Oral History of 2 Tone Featured in Spin Magazine (Who Knew!?!?)

Thanks to John at Hoi Polloi Skazine for alerting me to the fact that Spin Magazine (which I literally haven't read since about 1987) contains an extensive article on the history of 2 Tone in its October 2009 issue (with sludge rockers Pearl Jam on the cover). A generous sampling of the article, unimaginably titled "Checkered Past: The Oral History of 2 Tone" (but done in a similar format as Legs McNeil's and Gillian McCain's great oral history of punk, Please Kill Me) is up on the Spin website now.

Earlier today, I looked for a copy of this issue at a few magazine shops in my neighborhood, which admittedly is neither hip nor fashionable, but none of them had any copies yet (they're always a little slow on the uptake around here).

Does a major article on 2 Tone in a fairly mainstream US music magazine portend a visit from Coventry's finest at some point in the future? I wanna know!

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