Monday, November 1, 2010

New Music from Rico, Dick Cuthell, and Jerry Dammers?

According to this extraordinary thread on the Specials Fan Site bulletin board, before a performance by Rico Rodriguez and his frequent musical partner Dick Cuthell at Gaz's Rockin' Blues last Friday (10/19/10), Jerry Dammers (who was in the crowd--see the photo on the board) had asked Gaz to play a new track that was a collaboration between JD, Rico, and Dick Cuthell (an "honorary" member of The Specials--check the credits on just about any Specials release and you'll find that he either played brass on it and/or helped produce it; he also worked with the Potato 5 and The Deltones amongst many others)! Apparently, the new tune was well-received by the crowd and was, according to the poster, "the most radio friendly thing Jerry's been involved with for a couple of decades."

Can't wait to hear it! And can I just mention how jealous I am of the ska fans in and about London who can attend gigs like this at Gaz's?


Kames Jelly said...

Dick Cuthell also engineered Garvey's Ghost, the dub companion to Burning Spear's Marcus Garvey LP.

The dude's everywhere.

Steve from Moon said...

Thanks, very good point.

Zgreens said...
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