Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jump Up Records 2012 Ska CD and Ska LP of the Month Clubs!

Now that the holidays are upon us once again and we're all scrambling around to find meaningful gifts for our friends and loved ones, here are two great suggestions for a perfect gift for the ska fan on your list (or yourself!) that will keep on giving throughout the year...

Jump Up Records 2012 Ska CD of the Month Club

For $100 (includes shipping in the USA/Canada; it's $120 internationally), Chuck Wren, head honcho of Jump Up Records, will hand-select 14 outstanding, mostly hard-to-find new ska imports and send them out to you or your giftee throughout the year (that's a little over $7 per CD--and the majority of these CDs are imports!). Only the first 25 people to respond will be able to join the club!

The first four releases will arrive just before Christmas:

Moon Invaders' "Fine Line" CD
Upsessions' "Below the Belt" CD
Gramaphone All Stars' "Levitant a La Deriva" CD
The Dropsteppers' "Get Up In It" CD

Then, in the very near future, members will receive new albums from Magic Touch (Germany), Too Many Crooks (UK), Captain Black No Stars (UK), The Butlers (Germany), and some Northern Soul sounds from The Inciters on Jump Up Records!

Want two bonus CDs? Feel free to pick two classic Jump Up label CDs: Mr T Bone's “Nothing To Lose,” The Bullets' “Sweet Misery,” Green Room Rockers' s/t, Moon Invaders vs Caroloregians' “Hot Blood Cold Weather,” Mr T Bone's “Instrumental Sessions Vol 1″ CD, Pressure Cooker's “What She Wants,” Deal’s Gone Bad's “Welcome To The Vaults" 3 CD box set, The Drastics' “Waiting,” “Chicago Massive” or “Premonition,” Lord Mike’s Dirty Calypsonians' “More…,” Steady Ups' “Soul Of The City,” See Spot's “Who Got It?,” Israelites' “Jamaican Celebration,” Mr Symarip's “Skinheads Dem A Come,” Dr Ring Ding's “Back And Forth,” King Django's “Meets The Scrucialists,” Firebug's “On The Move,” Eastern Standard Time's “Tempus Fugit,” Scorchers “Stuntin,” Skapone's “Black & White,” Lady Ann's “Bad Gyal Inna Dance,” Don Segundo's “Censura,” The Soulsteppers's “Return...,” or Pressure Cooker’s “Burning Fence”!

You’ll get all six selections before Christmas! Then in June more CDs start coming!

Jump Up Records 2012 Ska LP of the Month Club

For the vinyl fetishist on your list (I'm one!), you can sign up for the 2012 LP of the Month Club for $120--which will score you 12 LPs, plus bonus 7" singles and other goodies as well (due to shipping expenses, this club is only open to US residents). This club is only open to the first 25 people to sign up!

The first six releases will be shipped to arrive before Christmas:

Moon Invaders' "Fine Line" LP
Upsessions' "Below the Belt LP
B Soul All Stars' "Rainbow" LP
Gramophone All Stars' "Levitant a La Deriva" LP
Various Artists' "Soul of Pum Pum Hotel" LP
The Prizefighters' "Follow My Sound" LP

Plus, later in the year, members will receive new LPs from Mr. T Bone, The Inciters, Magic Touch, and many more!

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Join the 2012 Jump UP CD or LP Club here.

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While we're on the subject of Jump Up Records, several of their recent releases we highly, highly recommend: King Hammond's "Floorshaker" LP, The Void Union's "Higher Guns" LP, The Prizefighters' "Follow My Sound" LP, V/A's "The Soul of Pum Pum Hotel" LP, The Skabilly Rebels' "Blues Attack" LP, The Toasters' "Dub 56" and "2 Tone Army" LP reissues, Green Room Rockers' self-titled LP, The Bullets' "Sweet Misery" LP, The Revivers' "Early Reggae" EP--and singles from Deals Gone Bad and The Crombies!


Anonymous said...

god bless the jump up records !!!

Steve from Moon said...

Right on!

Amy said...

It is a good thing that Jump Records exists! I´m always thinking of gifts for my beloved ones. I reck my brain and nothing comes up. Last yearI was in Argentina and got this apartment rental in Buenos Aires near a fair where many deco objects were sold. It was called "The Fair of Plaza Serrano".
Other than that, I have never been able to find good gifts for my family!