Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Checkerboard Kids' 20th Anniversary Show Video in All Its Glory!

I haven't had the time to watch it all yet, but here is the video from the Checkerboard Kids' 20th Anniversary show (which I think is actually airing tonight on NYC Time Warner cable)!

Bands/musicians featured in this NYC-area all-star ska celebration of this amazing and wonderfully unique public access cable show include Across the Aisle, Metro Stylee, Mike Drance (The Bluebeats), Coolie Ranx and Vinny Nobile (Pilfers, Bim Skala Bim), Buford O' Sullivan (The Scofflaws, Easy Star All Stars), Roy Radics (The Rudie Crew), Brendog and Jerica Rosenblum (Mephiskapheles/Doomsday), Dubistry, Dave Barry (The Toasters, Beat Brigade), Bob Timm (The Hard Times), Carmelo DiBartolo (Beat Brigade), and more!

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If you missed it, check out the recent Duff Guide to Ska interview with Checkerboard Phil!

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