Thursday, March 17, 2011

Erin Go Ska! "Gaelic Ska" with The Trojans!

I saw Gaz Mayall at the Y this morning. Okay, he wasn't exactly at the gym on the elliptical machine next to me. As I was hauling my sorry self over to the treadmills for a run, I spotted The Beat's "Save it For Later" video on one of the TV monitors (they pump in a 80s music video station as one of our viewing options). The sharp-eyed will know that Gaz appears several times in The Beat video as one of the customers in the night spot where the band is performing. And since it is St. Patrick's Day in one of the most Irish cities in the world (and my wife's family is Irish and our kids are obviously half Irish), it got me thinking that Gaz and his stellar band The Trojans recorded a number of Celtic ska tracks (he released a CD of them, Celtic Ska, on Gaz's Rockin' Records), including the great "Gaelic Ska" from The Trojan's debut album, Ala-Ska, which was recorded way back in 1987. Here's that video for your viewing pleasure...

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Go dance a jig or something!

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