Wednesday, April 27, 2011

King Hammond: Free Download, LP on Jump Up, New Record Coming!

It's a new season (though it's kind of hard to know if spring is really here in NYC, what with all the rain lately), so it must be time for the next King Hammond album to roll out, right?

Yeppers. It's called Showbiz! (More details to come.) Seriously now, does the King ever sleep?

While we're waiting for the new record to drop, we suggest that you ignore the other royal hullabaloo and bask in King Hammond's munificence--namely a free download of the new cut "Easy Lovin,'" which may be found here. (The "Easy Lovin'" video is below.) Plus, in this here post you can check out his new cut "Rockin' on Ridley Road" (a tribute to the Orange Street of his youth) and an advert for Floorshaker.

What's Floorshaker you ask? It's an LP (on orange/yellow vinyl from Jump Up Records) that collects all of the best tracks off of King Hammond's The King and I and Jacuzzi albums (the video previews all of the tracks)! A must for ska/skinhead reggae vinyl collectors and King Hammond fans alike!

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