Sunday, March 4, 2018

Duff Review: The Porkers "Make Hey" b/w "Emulsified"

Radley Records
Vinyl single with picture sleeve

(Review by Steve Shafer)

After a bit of a hiatus, The Porkers are back on the beat with an excellent new single for the masses. "Make Hey" (a little bit of twist on the idiom) is a catchy, upbeat, mid-tempo ska track about owning up/making peace with your mistakes and, more importantly, moving on: "I'm gonna make hey/While the sun don't shine/Forget about my yesterday/And leave it all behind/I make hey/With just a little time/I paid you back my debt/So, let's drink a beer for the past." The Porkers shift gears on the b-side and let it rip on an early rock 'n' roll-styled cover of Rex Garvin and The Mighty Cravers' great 1961 rhythm and blues single "Emulsified" --which is about being all stirred up inside from being in love. (Specials fans know, of course, that Garvin also wrote "Sock It To 'Em J.B.," which they recorded for More Specials.) Both tracks are more than suitable for play on dive-bar jukeboxes and at boozy (finished) basement dance parties.

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