Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sunday Papers, Part 2

The preview of The Toasters' 10/30 NYC gig at The Knitting Factory from the AV Club/New York City:
Though it goes through droughts of serious un-hipness, ska will never die: It’s just too fun and infectious to give up for good. (Plus, there are always fresh legions of impressionable high-school kids who don’t know how uncool this stuff is.) Hence the continuing success of The Toasters, one of the best ska acts to do right by the Jamaican style since the heady days of England’s Two-Tone scene. Staying true to the music’s all-inclusive spirit, the group plays the kind of ska that has been ripped into by countless punk acts over the years—but no amount of misrepresentation can mess up the infectious up-down skank that Toasters songs basically require.
Decent write-up--but some of the coolest people I've had the pleasure to know are into ska. Am I so out of it that the un-hip in my orbit just seem cool to me? Or is it that the alterna/indie-kids are just so damn snotty/greater than thou that they think their poop don't stank?


Matt C said...

Ska is cool beacause it is so uncool!

Steve from Moon said...

That must be it.

My kids always make fun of my love for ska...but I don't care.