Friday, December 4, 2009

Chas Smash on Madness' Brilliant Year

As part of their year-end wrap-up for 2009, MOJO Magazine's website sports a short interview with Madness' Chas Smash in their "My Brilliant Year" feature.

Here's the money quote:
I quite frankly wish that they'd resolve their differences with Jerry [Dammers], and I recommend that Jerry just goes off and writes the fucking next Specials album and then says to them, 'Look, there it is.' With Jerry it always takes so long, but everything he works on sustains. The brass intro to Free Nelson Mandela - f*ck me, is that uplifting or what?
Madness' The Liberty of Norton Folgate is one of MOJO's top 50 albums of the year, by the way.

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