Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Ska-Aid

Within the last week, two different people in the ska world have been in touch regarding some ways in which the ska community can assist people suffering in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. One is asking us to help a ska musician and his family who lost everything in the storm; the other to help clothe people along the Jersey shore, as well as support the Red Cross' efforts there. 

Our good friend King Django writes:
A beloved and respected member of the Stubborn family, and a close personal friend of mine, Tim "Predator" Boyce of Predator Dub Assassins suffered calamitous loss due to the devastating force of Hurrican Sandy.
Tim, who was living in Bradley Beach with his wife, his 14-year-old daughter and three-week old baby reports, "we lost everything from both chest high floodwaters running through our house, as well as a giant tree that smashed trough our roof. We are homeless and without equipment." 
If you would like to help the Dub family in the wake of this epic disaster,  please check these links for more information: 
Predator Dub Assassins donation link and Hurricane relief CD sale 
Predator Dub Assassins at The Pier
Thanks for your support!
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Our good friend Sammy K (of Sammy Kay and the Fast Five) alerted me to Panic State Record's "Restore the Shore Charity Shirt for the Red Cross" project.

Here's the deal: when you purchase a t-shirt (for $30) or hoodie (for $50), you receive one and you buy/donate one for someone in need on the Jersey Shore (or you can just donate two t-shirts and hoodies, if you want to be even more generous). Any remaining money from the sale will then be donated to the Red Cross to support their relief efforts there.

Check out the amazing design of the t-shirt in the photo!

To support this charity effort, go here.

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