Saturday, January 5, 2013

Next Electric Avenue Show: The Scofflaws and The Bullbuckers on Saturday, January 19, 2013

For those of you not paying attention, the Electric Avenue ska/reggae night in the back room of Characters NYC (243 West 54th Street, between Broadway and 8th Avenue in Manhattan) is organized by Marc Wasserman of Marco on the Bass/Bigger Thomas and me, your humble Duff Guide to Ska. Since last fall, we've been undertaking this labor of love--doing it for free (the bands split 100% of the cover, nobody else takes a cut)--to support ska bands and their fans, and have some fun in the process. Simple as that. Electric Avenue shows already have featured some of the best acts on the ska scene, including King Django, The Snails, The Frightnrs, Destroy Babylon, Bigger Thomas, Beat Brigade, Doomsday!, Los Skarronerros, and The Pandemics.

Our next Electric Avenue show is on Saturday, January 19, 2013 with The Scofflaws (Long Island, NY) and The Bullbuckers (Delaware)! Doors are at 8:30 pm and the cover is a reasonable $8. In between sets, I'll be selecting a great mix of trad and modern ska--and hope to have some help from Kames Jelly on the decks. (Character's staff serve up some fine pints and pub food at good prices, too!)

The Facebook Electric Avenue event page can be found here. And take a moment to "like" the Electric Avenue FB page, so you keep up on our shows.

As you should know, the traditionally-minded Scofflaws helped kickstart the 90s ska revival in NYC and far beyond with their high-energy and infectiously fun live shows--and the release of four great albums that contained what would become new ska standards like "Rudy's Back," "Paul Getty," "Ali-Ska-Ba," "Goin' Back to Kingston," "Nude Beach," "They Drive You Crazy," "William Shatner," "After the Lights," "In the Basement," and many more. They're one of our favorite bands.

The Scofflaws' current line-up includes:

Sammy Brooks: sax
John Soldo: drums
Brian Duggan: bass
Greg Bucking: guitar
Jared Dubin: trombone

The Bullbuckers hail from Delaware, mix mento, ska, reggae, rock, and soul--and are very big on the DE, Maryland, and PA ska/reggae scene. We're psyched to have them up to NYC and look forward to experiencing their live set ourselves!

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If you don't "get" the Electric Avenue flyer up top, take a look here for some context.

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