Monday, May 26, 2008

The Specials are Go (is Jerry?)

According to The Specials' original rhythm guitarist/vocalist Lynval Golding, all of the original members of The Specials apart from Jerry Dammers are tentatively planning to go on a reunion tour of the UK in October and November (with US gigs a possibility after that). Negotiations are still ongoing with Jerry and they are hopeful that he will be joining them on the keyboard this fall.

This and more comes from Bigger Thomas' bass player Marco, who writes an excellent blog that focuses primarily on 80s era ska and reggae bands. Marco and Bigger Thomas played a gig over the holiday weekend with a reunion version of The English Beat (essentially Dave Wakeling) with Lynval filling in on guitar--so this info is solid. Keep your fingers crossed and stay tuned, kids.


Marco On The Bass said...


Great to connect with you. I love your blog and I'm glad we are both blogging about the ska world from NYC!

I'm pretty sure we must have met sometime over the last 20 years or so. Moon distributed our first LP (on cassette) in 1990-91. We still work with Bucket and are on Megalith.

What are you up to? Do you come out to shows anymore? Would be good to meet up sometime and shoot the shit.

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll and keep up the great posts. We played with King Apparatus back in the day and I always liked their sound.


Steve from Moon said...


Thanks for the comment! We must have crossed paths at some point and I remember seeing Bigger Thomas several times in the early 90s. (I think the first time I saw the band was at the Cat Club for a show that was recorded for the "NYC Ska Live" record--is that possible?)

Let me know the next time the band is playing a gig in NYC and I'll try to make it and see ya.

King Apparatus was pretty amazing--they toured with the Toasters at one point and played Wetlands together. They were great live.

I haven't heard "We Wear the Mask"--so I'll make sure to pick up a copy to review...



the people downstairs said...

Now all we have to hope for is for The Specials and Madness to be on the same bill!

Steve from Moon said...

That would be mind-blowing if that bill made it over to the States...