Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Chris Murray Combo Record Release Party in LA

If you are in the LA area tonight, make sure to head over to the Bluebeat Lounge (at the Knitting Factory) for the record release party for the Chris Murray Combo's Why So Rude CD (which is available through his label, Unstrictly Roots).

The Duff Guide to Ska will post a review once we get our hands on a copy and have some time to listen to it. I've been a pretty big fan of Chris Murray's for years (I was the one who really pushed Buck to release The 4-Track Adventures of Venice Shoreline Chris on Moon Records; Bucket wasn't so sure about the lo-fi, one-man band thing, but the quality of the songwriting and the performances convinced him--though I had a bit of egg on my face when Chris snuck on "Cooper Station Blues" on the album just before it went to the pressing plant without any of our knowledge; fortunately, Bucket has a good sense of humor).

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