Monday, June 9, 2008

Jerry on The Prince

Check out this interesting post by Jerry Dammers regarding The Voice of the People.

Also, who knew that Prince Buster had a MySpace page? (Beware, there is a fake one out there, too.)

In honor of Prince Buster's recent 70th birthday on May, 28, 1938, I'm going to be posting an overview of what's now available from his back catalogue (much more than you could find a decade ago); what's rare and worth tracking down; and maybe even some news about his upcoming new album...


Anonymous said...

A great little find. I'm keen to see Jerry DJ while I am here, but I haven't heard particularly good things.

Dammers is right about Prince Buster: he is looking very youthful and can still knock out a great tune.

Steve from Moon said...


Let me know how Jerry is at dee-jaying if you have the chance to hear him...

Have you heard anything more about the new Prince Buster album?

Steve from Moon