Saturday, February 28, 2009

Madness Tribute Album

JP Boutellier, the man behind the long-running Ska News zine and the French Madness Fan Club FRENCH-MIS, has just announced the band/track list for the upcoming 30th Anniversary Madness Tribute Album, which is as follows:
Backy Skank: "In The Rain"
Boy In The Boat: "Day On The Town"
Dr Ring Ding and The Senior Allstars: "Madness"
Ejectés: "The Prince"
Freddy Loco feat "Rocksteady" Freddie of NYSJE: "Return of the los Palmas 7"
Gordon: "Michael Caine"
Indeed: "The Sun And The Rain"
Inspector: "Our House"
JAG: "You Said"
Jah On Slide: "Bed and Breakfast Man"
JNEB: "In The City"
King Django: "Nakht Shifl Ken Kayro (Night Boat To Cairo)"
Les Touffes Krétiennes: "On The Beat Pete"
MOT: "Sign Of The Times"
NAT & Black Sifichi: "Never Ask Twice"
Niko Costello: "Drip Fed Fred"
Statuto: "Un Fiore Nel Cemento (Johnny The Horse)"
The Chancers: "Deceive The Eye"
The Inflatables: "One Better Day"
The Opium Eaters: "The Opium Eaters"

Bonus tracks:
Elastik featuring Malika: "Magic Carpet"
Iky: "She's Gone"
The compilation will be released in May 2009 on Big 8 Records.

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