Friday, February 27, 2009

New Nick Welsh and Rhoda Dakar Album, plus Third Skaville UK Record in the Works!

Nick Welsh (Skaville UK, ex-Bad Manners, Selecter, etc.) was kind enough to send me a preview track from his upcoming album with Rhoda Dakar (ex-Bodysnatchers and Special AKA), Back to the Garage. As the title might suggest, this is an all out rock 'n' roll record and from the cut I heard, "New York Doll," it's going to be fantastic.

Yes, there will be no off-beats here, but Nick's got the knack for writing incredible songs and Rhoda's voice is richer than ever. I think I'd follow them if they took up some obsure form of Ukranian folk music--down the musical rabbit hole, so to speak--they're that talented and clearly collaborate so well. Check out their respective MySpace pages (linked above) for a few more samples of their kick-ass garage rock! And stay tuned for more details.

Nick also reports that work has begun on the third Skaville UK record, which will feature horns and include a bonus CD of acoustic tracks. If you haven't already picked up their other excellent records, 1973 and Decadent (which also include guest vocals from Rhoda), what are you waiting for?


Anonymous said...

I thought the first skaville UK album was really weak, and as I recall you gave it less than a stellar review, how is the second one?


Steve from Moon said...


I gave 1973 a B+/A-. Click on the "Decadent" link in this post for my review of their second record...(I really like it)...