Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Madness Update: Free UK Gigs, New Album, Tribute Album

From Yahoo Music News (UK & Ireland):
Free Madness
(Tuesday April 07, 2009 12:29 AM)

Madness will make a number of live appearances in Camden later this month, it has been announced.

The ska-pop legends are set to launch their new album with a series of free concerts on April 24 in their spiritual home.

The undisclosed performances coincide with the Camden Crawl but fans will not requite wristbands to get in.

The events are being co-ordinated by BBC 6 Music, with one fan set to get the opportunity to appear live onstage with the band.

As previously reported, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Echo & The Bunnymen, The Fall, The View and Little Boots all play the Camden Crawl this year.

The new Madness album, "The Liberty Of Norton Folgate", is released on May 18.

I love Echo & the Bunnymen, The Fall, and Madness, but there is no possible way I can imagine finding myself over there to take in all that musical goodness. Just ain't gonna happen.

Every feel like you're a person not synched up with the times--or a geographical place? It's not just me, right?

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Also in Madness-related news, the Madness 30th Anniversary Tribute Album website is live (make sure to check out the freaky gone native King Django photo). Here's the list of bands/tracks that made the final cut:

30 Years of Madness (Big 8 Records)

Backy Skank : In The Rain (McPherson/Madness)
Boy In The Boat : Day On The Town (McPherson/Foreman)
Cherry Boop and the Sound Makers : Cardiac Arrest (Smyth/Foreman)
Desorden Publico : It Must Be Love (Siffre)
Dr Ring Ding and The Senior All Stars : Madness (Campbell)
Ejectés : The Prince (Thompson)
Freddy Loco feat "Rock steady" Freddie of NYSJE : Return of the Los Palmas 7 (Barson/Woodgate/Bedford)
Gordon : Michael Caine (Smyth/Woodgate)
Indeed : The Sun and The Rain (Barson)
Inspector : Our House (Smyth/Foreman)
JAG : You Said (McPherson/Barson)
Jah On Slide : Bed and Breakfast Man (Barson)
JNEB : In The City (McPherson/Smyth/Barson/foreman/crutchfield/inoue)
King Django : Nakht Shifl Ken Kayro (Night Boat To Cairo) (McPherson/Barson)
Les Touffes Krétiennes : On The Beat Pete (Thompson/Madness)
MOT : Sign Of The Times (McPherson/Barson)
No Dread & Black Sifichi Never Ask Twice (McPherson/Barson)
Niko Costello : Drip Fed Fred (Thompson/Barson)
Statuto : Un Fiore Nel Cemento (Johnny The Horse) (Smyth)
The Chancers : Deceive The Eye (Foreman/Bedford)
The Inflatables : One Better Day (McPherson/Bedford)
The Opium Eaters : The Opium Eaters (Barson)

The CD is out in May and they state that it can be pre-ordered from Amazon in the US and UK. Oh, and they've posted an interview that JP Boutellier did with this here blog about the project. (I appreciate your help in spreading the word about The Duff Guide to Ska, JP! Thanks!)

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