Friday, June 12, 2009

Ska Merch

Where do you pick up your ska merchandise these days? I'm looking for some t-shirts featuring ska greats like Laurel Aitken and Prince Buster (my Lonsdale-style Laurel Aitken t-shirt from the 90s finally disintegrated a few years ago and I already have the Stubborn Prince Buster shirt), as well as those that feature some of the original ska and reggae labels (see the awesome Crab Records logo at right with the Bim & Clover track title, which I'm thinking about purchasing). I've found a few sites in the UK, but with the dollar still pretty weak against the pound, it's a pricey proposition.

Anybody have any good suggestions?


David T said...

Good suggestions? Probably not... but if the bands are on interpunk sometimes you can find stuff from there. You can also sometimes find stuff through amazon for more general type of stuff.

Steve from Moon said...


Sure, I've picked up some stuff on Interpunk and Angry, Young, and Poor...but there doesn't seem to be one central place where you can find a lot of ska stuff...


Anonymous said...

I got desperate for a new Hepcat t-shirt. I came across one for toddlers on this site:
I asked the guy to make an adult one for me...not great, but it works!!

Steve from Moon said...


Thanks! What a great site (wish I knew about it when my son was younger). He should just include adult sizes for the parents and double his potential customer base (might be a problem with licensing the images and logos, but still).

I've tried making up my own shirts for personal use by scanning band/label logos and then having a one-off made, but a lot of these sites (Zazzle, etc.) really monitor what is going on as they are worried about copyright infringement--and rightly so.

I probably just need to learn how to silkscreen shirts myself...

Keep those suggestions coming!!!