Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Time is Now to Pledge to the Reggae 69 Fan Club!

If you've paid any attention to the blog feed in the sidebar, you've noticed that Jason Lawless (of Lawless Street) is spearheading an effort to launch a record club called the Reggae 69 Fan Club. Their mission is this:
Our MAIN GOAL is simple: Release a limited edition collection of (6) 7" vinyl records to celebrate the music of Jamaica and UK sub-culture youth.
You can join the Reggae 69 Fan Clubs at different levels of support--at a basic level, you'll receive the vinyl singles; at a higher level, you're entitled to lots of extra goodies like exclusive club badges, a patch, a poster (by Chema Skandal, who also created the artwork for Jump Up Records'/Chuck Wren's Club Moonstomp and the cover of Pama Intl Meet Dub Professor's Rewired! in Dub), t-shirt, etc. (and the list of add-ons seems to grow daily!).

One of Reggae 69 Fan Club's first releases will be a double A side from the Irie Beats band of "lost" tracks produced by Brian "Boom Boom" Dixon of The Aggrolites! The flip side will be a vocal cut featuring Malik "The Freq" Moore, singer for The Lions and The Bullets!

Subsequent Reggae 69 Fan Club releases will be from the Impalers, Revivers, Ocean 11, Roger Rivas, and The Bullets.

To make all of this happen, reggae and ska fans need to pledge a total of $5,000 through Kickstarter. They are well on their way--but the deadline to get in on this deal is Saturday, January 15, 2011 at 11:00 pm (East Coast time). So you need to act RIGHT NOW!

For more info and/or to join the Reggae 69 Fan Club, click here!

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PS: One of the interesting things with Kickstarter is that you can see who has pledged to become a member of the Reggae 69 Fan Club ( Victor Rice!).


Lawless said...

thanks so much man! We have basically 2 days left - it's still ossible of course but it just must be tougher than I thought out there. Thanks for the support! Not giving up just yet - maybe we'll get a flood of last minute supporters and make this thing happen!

Joachim said...


I just became a backer. And it was so easy. Looking forward to see what's happening at the club. And I recommend everyone to do the same.

Cheers, Joachim

Steve from Moon said...

Jason: I'm becoming a backer in a few minutes!

Joachim: Thanks!