Friday, January 14, 2011

Upcoming Duff Guide to Ska Reviews

Due to the holidays, work, family obligations, procrastination, etc, blah, blah, The Duff Guide to Ska is seriously behind on reviewing music. Here is what's in our "to review" stack:

King Hammond - Jacuzzi CD (N.1. Records)

Green Room Rockers - s/t LP (Jump Up Records)

Babyhead - Heavy Weather CD (Rockers Revolt Records)

The Caroloregians - Funkify Your Reggae CD/LP (Grover Records)

The Revivers - "Come Into My Parlour" 10" vinyl (Jump Up Records)

The Aggrolites - "Trial and Error" b/w "Enemy Dub" 7" single (Young Cub Records)

The Aggrolites - "Dreaming on Erie" b/w "Eye of Obarbas" 7" single (Young Cub Records)

The Forthrights - Camp Birdman 7" EP (Panic State Records)

So keep an eye out for upcoming Duff Guide to Ska write-ups for these releases and more! Soon!


Miles said...

I've been listening to The Aggrolites quite a bit lately. So I'm definitely interested to see the review.

Steve from Moon said...

Thanks. The new singles are pretty terrific...

Jamie said...

The Babyhead record is ace: dubby, dirty ska with giant basslines.

Ready my review here:

Steve from Moon said...

Great review, Jamie! I have the "Jungle Law" single, so I'm dying to hear the rest of the release...

(Also, I checked out some of your other album reviews...good stuff!)