Monday, February 21, 2011

The Toasters: "House of Soul" Live

Here's a recent video of The Toasters' working it in the heartland! Buck & Co. appeared on a local afternoon news show on KPLR (ignore the fact that they are a Fox News affiliate) on February 18, 2011 in St. Louis, Missouri in support of their gig that night at the Firebird.

Two notable things about this video are that The Toasters are captured performing a new tune, "House of Soul"--which Bucket says they are releasing on 7" vinyl at some point soon--and that you see a bottle of The Toasters 30th Anniversary IPA that Ska Brewing in Durango, Colorado has concocted and unleashed upon the beer drinking world (unfortunately, this ale can only be found in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, North Carolina, and New Mexico).


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