Monday, September 12, 2011

The Specials to Disband after Autumn Gigs

A posting by Roddy "Radiation" Byers on his Facebook page today succinctly states:
"Specials to split after November."
It should be noted that there is nothing to confirm this on the official Specials website. While this doesn't come as a huge surprise (how many reunion tours can they do without moving forward and writing/recording new music?), it is probably a big disappointment to the many ska fans in the Americas who weren't able to make the few gigs that took place in 2010 at Coachella and in New York and LA. (I keep kicking myself for not being able to make their NYC show here in April 2010--I had a work event that night that I was running, so there was no way to finagle my way out of it...)

Obviously, this is not the last we'll see of many of the band members in the future; Roddy will be playing out with his Skabilly Rebels, Lynval is writing his autobiography with Paul Willo, I thought I read something about Terry doing a new album, etc.

So if you're able to make any of The Specials' shows in Europe or the UK this fall, take it all in while you can...

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Update: Roddy also writes on his Facebook page that a Fun Boy Three reunion is up next (but we're not sure if this is true or in jest).

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Update #2: As of 9/13/11, the post has been removed from Roddy's Facebook page (no doubt he heard an earful from some of his band mates or the band's management). There is a discussion about it on The Specials Fan Site.


ReadJunk said...

Not surprised but glad I saw them in last April

Steve from Moon said...

Yeah, but there are probably a lot of unsatisfied US fans out there...

Marco On The Bass said...

Roddy the pot stirrer! I'm sure the band was planning something official but now the worst kept secret is out! The FB3 reunion is probably a joke but I for one would line up to see that tour!