Friday, September 16, 2011

Duff Review: The Crombies "Blood and Fire" b/w "Mad at the World"

Jump Up Records
7" vinyl single

(Review by Steve Shafer)

Chicago's 2 Tone-worshipping band The Crombies (fearlessly led by Mike Park, formerly of Deal's Gone Bad and Lord Mike's Dirty Calypsonians) party like it's 1979 and the past 30-odd years never happened (God knows there are probably vast stretches in there that we'd all like to forget!). While they are obviously 2 Tone fanatics, The Crombies are also huge supporters of the Chicago Fire Soccer Club, which is the reason why Walt Jabsco is decked out in a Fire kit. (While Park was in Deal's Gone Bad, they also wrote and recorded the song that is still played after every Fire goal.)

Side A of The Crombies' debut single contains Niney the Observer's dread apocalyptic/spliff-sparking classic "Blood & Fire" re-fashioned as if covered by a Too Much Pressure-era Selecter (and the results are knees-up fantastic). The flip is "Mad at the World," an old Mike Park-penned DGB tune from the late 90s that is run through the 2 Tone converter--and I have to say I much prefer this version to the original.

The Crombies have a long-player coming out this fall (on LP, CD, and cassette, even)--and, from listening to this, it promises to be a real stormer!

The Duff Guide to Ska Grade: A

+ + + +

To stream The Crombies' "Blood and Fire," go to the Jump Up website and click on the track on the label's player.

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