Thursday, January 5, 2012

King Hammond's Cover of "Friday Night, Saturday Morning" for "Specialized" Charity Record

Following the interview I did with Paul "Willo" Williams regarding the Specialized charity record, I'm happy to direct you to the teaser video below for King Hammond's fantastic cover of the Terry Hall-composed "Friday Night, Saturday Morning."

I've always loved this track, as it perfectly captures the tired boredom, frustration, restlessness, disappointment--even despair--that you can feel (with or without good reason) as a teen/young adult. Your whole life is ahead of you with a million possibilities out there, but it's still somehow not nearly enough.

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Last year, I caught the 1961 film "Saturday Night, Sunday Morning" on Turner Movie Classics, which is based on novelist Alan Sillitoe's "angry young man" book of the same name. (An impossibly youthful Albert Finney is in the title role.) Surely this film influenced both the name and content of this song...

("Friday Night, Saturday Morning" was also the name of a late 70s BBC talk show that became somewhat notorious due to a rancorous debate about whether or not Monty Python's Life of Brian was blasphemous.)

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Specialized: A Modern Take on Specials Classics will be out in mid-February 2012 and all proceeds are being donated to the Teenage Cancer Trust in the UK. For more information, go

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