Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Madness Central: No HOB Show Planned

Well, it looks like Madness Information Service Mexico was wrong about any Madness show taking place at the House of Blues this April.

Rumor control at Madness Central has issued the following statement:
It’s come to our attention that an announcement for a supposed Madness concert at the House of Blues in Anaheim, California, has been posted to various internet sites.

We feel it responsible to let Madness fans know that there is NO gig planned for the House of Blues. Currently, any US gigs are still in the process of being confirmed by Madness’ management and there are no dates or venues scheduled.

When the concerts are officially announced, you can be sure Madness Central will provide confirmed information to better facilitate any travel plans and ticket purchases for the fans.

It is not a good idea to make arrangements based on this misinformation.

- Madness Central Management.
In the past, MIS Mexico has been a very reliable source, so The Duff Guide to Ska ran with this story. Nonetheless, we're very sorry to have passed along incorrect information.


Domingo Munoz said...

Came down here trhough jumping from link to link from the news you posted about the sad loss of much beloved Brad from The Specials. I`ve already commented on that post about meeting the guy himself. True legend.
Anyway and talking about this post in particular and the Madness HOB show. I had just found it hillarius how tricky the madness fan community could be some times. I was dissapointed to discover it was me the one who got misinformed on purpose by another "friendly" and accurate fan community of the band. At the time that central thing had been a very reliable source for me, so It was really me who ran with this story about the wrong HOB city venue and i feel really sorry I had pass this news to you before checking out with band management. Being me the one who spread this wrong news to you. I just felt the need to apologise for it. and let you know It was not my intention to spread the wrong news on purpose from a band i just love so much and cause you to publish a non accurate info about it since i honestly love and respect the work you had been doing for a long long time ago.

Truth is Madness ended up playing both weeks of Coachella 2012 festival. Then some other gigs including HOB in Vegas. One at the Nokia Club in L.A. one in San Diego and another one in San Francisco at least for that period of time.

But well sometimes thats how you learn the lesson when you are just an excited fan.

Cheers mate.


Steve from Moon said...

Thanks, Sunday! Your heart was in the right place, so don't feel too bad about all of this!

Anonymous said...

Great article.