Friday, January 27, 2012

More King Hammond "Remix/Rewind" Official Bootlegs Pressed!

Just heard from King Hammond that he's pressed up 50 more copies of his official, limited edition bootleg Remix/Rewind--which was definitely one of the best albums of 2011 (oh yeah, I need to get cracking and finish writing up that list, don't I?).

Remix/Rewind contains rare tracks (the extraordinary "Chula Vista Ska Man" is worth the price of the CD alone) and remixes (such as "The Loop Mayfair 68 Mix" or "Dub Movement #1") that you cannot find anywhere else. Plus, if you order it now from his site, you'll receive a free copy of either his Jacuzzi or Showbiz CDs! (Act now, as they say on TV!)

Here's a nice sampler of what you can expect from the King on Remix/Rewind...

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