Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Toasters' Massive Winter 2012 Tour of the USA!

Chances are that wherever you happen to be when you're reading this post, The Toasters are going to be playing a gig near you this January and February. With an itinerary that would make lesser men weep, The Toasters are embarking on a massive US tour that is hitting just about every region of the country.

If you haven't seen them lately, now's a terrific chance to see this legendary band in action (who would have thought that Buck and The Toasters would still be going 31 years later?!).

Jan 13: TT The Bears, Cambridge, MA
Jan 14: The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY
Jan 15: Championship Bar and Grill, Trenton, NJ
Jan 16: The Jewish Mother Backstage, Norfolk, VA
Jan 17: The Milestone Club, Charlotte, NC
Jan 18: The Muse, Nashville, TN
Jan 19: Maxine's, Pub Hot Springs, AR
Jan 20: Antone's, Austin, TX
Jan 21: Jake's Backroom, Lubbock, TX
Jan 22: Badlands Billiards, El Paso, TX
Jan 23: The Launchpad, Albuquerque, NM
Jan 24: The Hut, Tucson, AZ
Jan 25: Martini Ranch, Scottsdale, AZ
Jan 26: The Slidebar, Fullerton, CA
Jan 27: Hard Rock Cafe On The Strip, Las Vegas, NV
Jan 28: The Center WLCAC, Los Angeles, CA
Jan 29: Soma, San Diego, CA
Jan 30: Red Devil Lounge, San Francisco, CA
Jan 31: The Catalyst - Atrium, Santa Cruz, CA

Feb 01: Red Fox Tavern, Eureka, CA
Feb 02: Plan B, Portland, OR
Feb 03: Iron Road Studios, Vancouver, Canada
Feb 04: El Corazon, Seattle, WA
Feb 05: Shredder, Boise, ID
Feb 06: Burt's Tiki Lounge, Salt Lake City, UT
Feb 07: The Beacon Club, Casper, WY
Feb 08: Black Sheep, Colorado Springs, CO
Feb 09: Marquis Theatre Denver, CO
Feb 10: Knickerbockers, Lincoln, NE
Feb 11: Triple Rock Social Club, Minneapolis, MN
Feb 12: Otto's, Dekalb, IL
Feb 13: The Firebird, St Louis, MO
Feb 15: Frankie's, Toledo, OH
Feb 16: The Strutt, Kalamazoo, MI
Feb 17: Redstone Room @ River Music Experience, Davenport, IA
Feb 18: Punk Rock Night @ the Melody Inn, Indianapolis, IN
Feb 19: 123 Pleasant Street, Morgantown, WV
Feb 20: Eleanor Rigby's, Jermyn, PA
Feb 21: Dub Land Underground, Rochester, NY
Feb 22: Club Cafe, Pittsburgh, PA
Feb 23: Stanhope House, Stanhope, NJ
Feb 24: The Haunt, Ithaca, NY
Feb 25: Dover Brickhouse, Dover, NH
Feb 26: Upstairs, Providence, RI


Jacob Wake Up! said...

Yowza. Good on them.

But, bummed there aren't any dates in the 5 boroughs (or in CT for that matter)!

Anonymous said...

Mmm, not quite "the" Toasters, sorry...

Anonymous said...

Lubbock and El Paso? Why would they go to those god forsaken places? They need to come to Dallas, where we actually have people and not just armadillos.

Steve from Moon said...

Anonymous #1 - Not to be to nitpicky about this, but there have been many versions of The Toasters since 1981 and Bucket has been the one consistent (and founding member). So, it's The Toasters. Maybe not your favorite iteration, but it's still Buck's band.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Toasters and I am extremely happy that they are coming to Rochester NY but why are they playing at a dump like Dub Land underground??

At least I know the music will be good, not so much on the atmosphere.

MichaelAdney said...

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