Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Slackers/Agent Jay Occupy Wall Street Benefit Single

To help support Occupy Wall Street (which despite all the grumblings about its supposed lack of specific goals has succeeded brilliantly in framing the national discussion and forcing politicians and the mainstream media to acknowledge the dire problem of the extraordinary wealth/income inequity that currently exists in the United States), The Slackers and Crazy Baldhead (AKA Agent Jay, The Slackers' guitarist) have recorded a cut each and are donating all proceeds to this righteous cause. This vinyl-only release (as a 7" single) features The Slackers' "Volunteers" on side A, backed with Crazy Baldhead's "Cutback."

Matthew Griffin of Simmerdown Productions (who is also the drummer for The Sentiments--they have a new EP out, by the way--and he spins ska on the radio at KPSU on the "Rude Boy's Revenge & Coffee Hour" show) is issuing the benefit single on his venerable label.

Only 500 copies of this single are being pressed (and it will be delivered from the plant in a few weeks)! Pre-orders now being accepted. Send $7.00 check or money order (U.S.)/$11.00 international/Canada to: Simmerdown Productions, P.O. Box 344, Portland, OR 97207 (or via PayPal to

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