Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Selecter in Texas, 1980

I always find it a bit weird when I'm reading about a particular topic and then--seemingly randomly--I come across all of this additional info about the same thing, even though I'm not actively seeking it out.

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I'm reading Garry Bushell's "Dance Craze: Rude Boys on the Road! How The Specials, Madness, The Selecter & Co. Conquered the World" (which you can pick up in the USA from Jump Up Records) on the subway, to and from work.

One of the more interesting chapters is about The Selecter's 1980 USA tour--particularly their swing through Texas, where they stop for a picture in front of the Southfork Ranch, which was the setting for the TV nighttime soap "Dallas," and a truck full of pissed-off "good ole boys" mumbling the "N-word" showed up in response to the band's non-white presence in the area. (Yet another low moment in the long and pathetic history of race relations in the history of the U.S.) Anyway, on my FB page today I came across a photo of that exact moment (via New Wave/post-punk site Slicing Up Eyeballs) taken by the band's manager at the time, Juliet Wills (who is now Billy Bragg's partner).

Check out the photos (which include some shots of the band in LA for their gig at the Whisky; making the "Missing Words" video; and on the Old Grey Whistle Test) here.


Geoff said...

Awesome photos! Thanks for the link!

Steve from Moon said...

Thanks, Geoff. I love that these are her personal pix...

Two-Tone Miles said...

I was just listening to Missing Words this weekend, and singing along at the top of my lungs.

Great song. Great band.

Any word on if they'll have any tour dates in the USA in 2012?

Steve from Moon said...


Not sure if they will make it over to the USA this year. It would be great to see them, but who knows if there are any promoters willing to take a risk and bring them over?