Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eric "Monty" Morris a No Show in Brooklyn

As anyone who had tickets knows, the Eric "Monty" Morris show scheduled for last night at The Bell House in Brooklyn was cancelled.

According to updates posted on the FB pages of both the promoter (Dig Deeper) and the backing band (Crazy Baldhead), Morris contacted the promoters just before he was supposed to board his flight to NYC and (it is alleged he) refused to get on the plane unless he was paid more than the amount already agreed upon for his performance.

Needless to say, many ska fans in the NYC area were eagerly anticipating Morris' show, particularly after the triumphant success of the Stranger Cole and Patsy show last October (read The Duff Guide to Ska review and watch the videos I shot here).

But it looks like instead being celebrated for his many musical accomplishments, Morris opted to snub his fans and tarnish his legacy in a last minute mad grab for cash. What should and would have been his victory lap, leaves nothing but disappointment in its wake.

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