Sunday, March 25, 2012

Esco Chris "Reggae Imposter" EP

If you are the type that digs all things early/skinhead reggae (a la Upsetters", Harry J Allstars, Lloyd Charmers, King Hammond, The Hard Times, or The Soulsteppers), then you absolutely should give a listen to--if not buy for a mere $5--the new digital EP Reggae Imposter from Esco Chris.

While Chris is the keyboardist for the Chico, CA ska/reggae group Boss 501, according to Jason Lawless, he is also known to regularly record (on a four-track like another Chris we know) and release EPs of his own tracks.

Many of these organ-dominated cuts are quite excellent, particularly the creepy, spaghetti-Western-ish "Reggae at Midnight," the Luna Park amusement ride of "Sling Shot," and the mysterious and duplicitous "The Imposter."

This is good stuff--very much recommended--and I look forward to more of it whenever Esco Chris lays it down!

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