Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2012 Montreal Ska Festival Boasts NYC Night with Victor Rice, The Forthrights, and The Rudie Crew!!

God, if I had a less complicated, responsibility-filled life, I would point the family station wagon due North and head straight up the NY State Thruway until I hit the Canadian border and beyond in order to experience the 2012 Montreal Ska Festival, which takes place between October 11th and 14th (see image at right for all of the glorious details).

Of particular note, this year there is a NYC night (!) featuring some of the finest bands Gotham has to offer: Victor Rice (who actually may be more Brazilian right now that New Yorker!), The Forthrights, and The Rudie Crew (plus Agent Jay of The Slackers is DJing each night of the festival).

Canadian acts that I would love to catch include Prince Perry, The Beatdown, The Planet Smashers, and Mitch Girio (currently of Prince Perry and formerly of the late and very great King Apparatus). If any of these bands are thinking about coming down to the NYC, I could perhaps hook them up with a gig at a certain monthly ska night called Electric Avenue (...just sayin'!).

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For some background on the festival (which is organized by a non-profit group staffed by volunteers), check out this interview I did last year with one of the festival's co-founders, Valerie Desnoyers, as well as festival volunteer/performer/booster, Lorraine Muller (of The Fabulous Lolo, Lo and the Magnetics, and The Kingpins).

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