Sunday, October 28, 2012

Reggae Steady Ska: Madness Album Series!

In a countdown to the release of Madness' new album (their 10th!), Oui Oui, Si Si, Ja Ja, Da Da (available worldwide on October 29, 2012), and in celebration of the band's incredible history, the website Reggae Steady Ska (run by Joachim Uerschels, singer songwriter for The Braces and Alpha Boys) has been publishing its Madness Album Series--a record by record tribute to the band's back catalogue.

For this series, Joachim has asked various ska DJs, musicians, and bloggers to write up their thoughts and memories related to a particular Madness album. I've written a piece on The Liberty of Norton Folgate (which can be read here), while my friend Marc Wasserman (Bigger Thomas, Marco on the Bass blog) shared his personal connection The Rise and Fall, which you can check out here--I highly recommend it!).

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Thanks and respect to Joe for the opportunity to participate in this Madness tribute.

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