Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rico Rodriguez Awarded Silver Musgrave Medal

Legendary Jamaican trombonist Rico Rodriguez, MBE, is being awarded the silver Musgrave medal (in recognition of outstanding Jamaicans in the fields of the arts, literature, and science) by the Institute of Jamaica, according to an article in the Jamaica Gleaner written by Herbie Miller (who just happens to be the Director/Curator of the Jamaica Music Museum at The Institute of Jamaica).

Miller's tribute also happens to be one of the best overviews of Rico's magnificent career that I've ever read--you'll definitely come away from this piece with an even greater appreciation for his stellar body of work and better understanding of his place in the Jamaican musical firmament.

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danjo said...

Herbie does fantastic work – he has just has the right insight and just the right touch.

Steve from Moon said...

So true!