Thursday, February 14, 2013

Duff Interview: Lord Point of The Reggay Lords

As The Reggay Lords are headlining an upcoming show at our monthly ska/reggae night at Electric Avenue on Saturday, February 23, 2013 (with The Copacetics from Rhode Island opening)--and they have an excellent, new self-titled 10-track digital album out through Whatevski Records for $6--we thought it might be a good idea to check in the band and see what they are all about.

Fortunately, Lord Point was in a beneficent mood and willing to entertain our very humble questions...

The Duff Guide to Ska: Who are the Reggay Lords and where did they come from?

Lord Point: First and foremost, I must mention the courage it must have taken to come to us Lords with questions. This, luckily has caught me in a moment of whimsy and so I will partake of such obvious foolishness, knowing full well that all common people across many lands and shires are aware of the Reggay Lords and continue to rejoice in our existence. This will be catered towards those people and no others.

You find yourself reading this and may have concern for your own soul in bewilderment of this situation, you will most likely be exiting this manuscript of electronic data. 

Now then...

we Lords are myself Lord Point administering our vocal rally...a good Lord always puts himself at the top of the list. 

Lord Nugent, the Honourable Lord Wartell, Lord Donnelly, Lord Baptiste, and our beloved "Time Lord" Lord Wright.

 We hail from the people's shire of Brueklynn, NY


DGTS: Why did you choose to play reggae and how would you describe your sound (I associate lords and ladies with 17th and 18th century harpsichord music)?

LP: As my reader was delivering this second question, myself, the reader, and this Lords scribe all had a fair belly chuckle. It would be harmful to digitally describe the glorious sounds in which the Reggay Lords frolic to simple commoners like one's self. But, in this world of wanton investigation, I will make it known that we have a sound not unlike the roaring of a lion...the crumbling of Babylon...or the shouts of freedom. You owe us nothing for this. It is out of pure love for the common people that we make such an amazing sound. Which, I will segue into question three...

DGTS: Why do you play for the hoi polloi? What do you hope to teach us?

LP: Common people have a choice to be Lords. Unfortunately for them, we have already taken the Reggay Lords slot, so you will find it impossible for any other group to come close to our greatness. However, fear not! There are many other titles that may need to find filling, such as Knitting Lord, or perhaps a Basket Weaving Lord. The world works in depressingly similar ways and so it is left up to us Lords to keep up the mysticism.

DGTS: How does one behave in the presence of musical royalty (for instance, at the upcoming Electric Avenue show)?

LP: Fret not to yourself of calling upon us by our given names and titles of Lords. We understand that beauty is often not easily accepted and it must be horrible for you all to have to look at your own image in the glassy void of a mirror in your humble abodes from a period of gazing at near perfection. People, please try to find the time AFTER our performance and let the musical choir seep into your soul, so you may rest more easily upon knowing the sure dissatifaction that surely must stem from not wearing a Lords wig. As a showing of love to our common people, we will allow commoners to wear their own "lords" wig in the privacy of their homes. Please take no pictures of yourselves, as it will surely bring on a heavy load of anguish to others, and an obvious tease to your own soul and well-being.

DGTS: Are you planning to commit your music to vinyl and/or bytes?

LP: Many trees have been cut, honey bees' nests plundered, squid drained free of all ink, and pressmen and women have been alerted as to the coming of a first Reggay Lords musical release. As that has hundreds of commoners busy at the presses, we are not ones to rest on our laurels and have been quite busy fancying up ye old Proud Lands Studio and making way for even more musical plundering.

DGTS: Any parting words for the common people?


+ + + +

The Reggay Lords are:

Lord Point - Speaker of the House of Lords
Time Lord - dulcimer and choir
Barrister Lord Philip II - snare, timpani, and choir
Lord Nugent - lute and percussion
Lord Oliver - Marquis de la Basse
Lord Donnelly - lead lute

+ + + +

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