Saturday, August 31, 2013

Roddy Radiation and Lynval Golding Unplugged at Electric Avenue

I meant to post these videos much earlier this summer, since these documented something so incredible and unique: Roddy Radiation and Lynval of The Specials performing several of the band's hits (two written by Roddy) with just their guitars in front of a small, but fanatic crowd at Electric Avenue (at Characters NYC) on July 20, 2013--a few days after The Specials' gig at Pier 26.

At the end of "Doesn't Make It Alright," Lynval declares that this was the first time the two friends and bandmates have "ever done an acoustic gig." Roddy jokes that it will, "probably be the last time"--but Lynval replies that it won't because, "I'm having fun!"

I have to admit that I was surprised and disappointed that more people didn't show up for this show (Roddy and Lynval were more than happy to sign records and pose for pictures with fans). How often do you get to chat with and see musical legends perform a few feet away from you?

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