Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Skarroñeros Feature in Brooklyn Rail!

Skarroñeros (Photo: Saskia Kahn)
Take a few minutes to read this fantastic article in The Brooklyn Rail by Ian Marsh and Jamie Frey about one of NYC's great Latino ska-punk bands, Skarroñeros!

Here's a taste...

"Although they often consume alcohol with the vigor of a decadent hair-metal band, politics are essential to Skarroñeros. “We’re the only band, still, to this day, that talks about the unity of black workers and immigrant workers,” Morán said. He also mentioned that they’re the only band (to his knowledge) that has songs about immigrant rights and Mumia Abu-Jamal. One might recall the ’90s band Rage Against the Machine (led by half-Mexican Zach De La Rocha) which discussed these subjects in a large mainstream platform while signed to a major label owned by Sony, a Fortune 500 company. The political ethos of Skarroñeros, however, is found not only in their music, but also in their practice. Revolution is constantly spoken of at their shows, both in their songs and in Morán’s brief diatribes."

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The Duff Guide to Ska is sponsoring a show at Otto's Shrunken Head in Alphabet City on Thursday, June 16, 2016 with Skarroñeros, Detroit's 1592 who are coming through town, and another band TBA shortly. More details to come, but put in on your calendar now. It's gonna be a great night of music!

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