Monday, November 30, 2020

Post-Punk Monk Reviews "The Duff Guide to 2 Tone"

I'm thrilled to note that the The book cover features a vinyl record with the title and author name on the album's paper label.Post-Punk Monk has just published a review of my book The Duff Guide to 2 Tone. I've been a big fan of his for years, as he's written a lot about some of my favorite new wave-era acts (OMD, John Foxx, Heaven 17, Simple Minds, Japan, etc.).

Here's an excerpt of the review: "...Shafer has definitely not forgotten how socially conscious issues were at the root of Ska even from the beginning. He makes certain to thread the political issues that motivated the development of Ska throughout his narrative; painting a picture that took both the oppressive political environments and the often ecstatic musical content into account. And in that, he nails down for me what the enduring pull of Ska was to its many fans. Was there ever a more upbeat dance music that combined its boundless energy with a push for progressive social values and calling truth to power?"

You can check out the whole review here--and if you like the punk and new wave sounds of the late '80s and early '90s, keep an eye on the PPM's blog

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The Duff Guide to 2 Tone is available to purchase from Jump Up Records (USA), Copasetic Mail-order (Germany), 2 Tone Village Museum Shop (UK), and Amazon worldwide.


The Cultured Pop Junkie said...

Just ordered a copy from Jump Up, can't wait to read it!

Steve from Moon said...


Thanks so much for the support! I hope you enjoy it!


Steve/Duff Guide