Friday, October 3, 2008

Are You There Jah? It's Me, Rudy!

This bizarre, yet strangely endearing video by the long-defunct Christian rock band Sonseed (they, we, all of us are the, um, 'seed' of Jesus?) has been making the rounds and many of you, no doubt, have seen it. But just in case you haven't...

There is just so much awesomeness here ("He [Jesus] is like a mountie/He always gets his man/and he'll zap you anyway he can...Zap!") that I don't know where to begin.

Sonseed: "Jesus is a Friend of Mine"

Apparently, this is a real video from the early 80s of Sonseed's performance on a religious talk show titled "The First Estate" that aired on WNBC in NYC on Sunday mornings.

For some much needed context, Dougsploitation has a recent interview with Sonseed singer, Sal Polichetti, here.


Brendan said...

Ha, oh man. I just saw that yesterday on the Metal Inquisition blog.

the people downstairs said...

This band is from Brooklyn. Brooklyn in the house...of God!

Steve from Moon said...

Brendan and Ray:

Thanks for your comments. This video is really a net sensation--and how could it not be? The outfits! The piss-poor set! The rockin' guitarist! The lyrics! The couldn't be less rockin' back-up singers! It is a true document of the early 80s that couldn't be recreated for parody's sake even if you tried. LOVE IT!