Friday, October 31, 2008

Ska Gig Alert: 3 Floors of Ska at the Knitting Factory

If you are anywhere in the NYC area this Saturday night (November 1st), you might want to head down to the Knitting Factory for the 3 Floors of Ska show, with The Toasters and Pietasters as headliners (haven't seen either band in, like, forever). It's an all ages show (!) and the doors open at 7:00 pm.

Gonna be there lurking in the back with my beer, pretending not to be an old man in the crowd. Between work and the family, I don't get out that much anymore (jeez, I've become a stupid cliche...). There also may be a few more ex-Moon Records folks in attendance, like my good friend Adam "Coozer Files" Coozer. We'll talk about our fears of a world-wide zombie takeover and reminisce about the good days of the third wave and the awesomeness of working at Moon.

I'm interested in seeing the Green Room Rockers and Void Union, as I've heard lots of good things about both bands through the grapevine. I'll try to write up a show review if I get my act together...

I have a whole bunch of new ska and reggae CDs to review, too, if I ever find the time. Last night, I was writing up a short review of Prince Fatty's "Survival of the Fattest" (I picked it up when it was released last spring, but it's still worth reviewing), while freezing my butt off during my son's (outdoor) hockey practice...I squeeze in The Duff Guide to Ska when I can...

I should get one of those signs that says "One of these days I'm gonna get organezized". - T. Bickle

Oh, and Happy Halloween.


Brendan said...

Void Union is great! You should dig them. If I had my act together I'd make the trip down tomorrow.. Never been to a show in NYC.

Unknown said...

Yo Steve-O,

For those of us West Coasters (West Side!!!), how 'bout snapping some shots of Bucket and da boyzz, and posting 'em up, along with a gushing / scathing review for good measure...?

We just want to be LOVED--is that so wrong?!!

Your biggest fan,

Mum-Ra the Ever-Living

Anonymous said...

I will be dancing my ass off, trying not to look like the oldest man at the show. 39 and have been following the toasters since their tour in 1988 - Skaboom I believe.


Steve from Moon said...

Funny thing, I was right up in front dancing to Void Union (not hiding in back) and not making a fool of myself.