Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gaz Mayall on The Prince's Health

Gaz Mayall (of The Trojans and Gaz's Rockin' Records, etc.) has collaborated many times with Prince Buster over the years, so I've been thinking of trying to call him up to see if he knows what is going on with Buster. (In fact, back in the mid-90s, Gaz and Buster stopped by the Moon Records shop when it was on Second Street, just off Avenue A in Alphabet City--I was working out of my uptown apartment at that time--so when a co-worker rang me up to tell me who was in the store, I had them put Gaz on and said hello and asked if he and Buster could please sign a few singles for me--which they were nice enough to do so!)

Back to the Prince...with a little bit of digging on "The Google," I was able to uncover this sad bit of news from a recent interview from Spoonfed London with Gaz about his soundsystem (Gaz's Rockin' Blues) at the Notting Hill Carnival:
"He's stuck in Miami with health problems, I don't know what's going on..."

Do check out the whole interview with Gaz, as it will make you terribly jealous that you weren't around for it (his soundsystem featured Rico, Ska Cubano, and Duke Vin!).

And I should probably ring Gaz up at some point soon just to find out the latest going's on with The Trojans and his label...

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