Friday, September 25, 2009

Madness: One Step Beyond 30th Anniversary Reissue

From the Madness Central fan site:
One Step Beyond Re-Issue Tracklisting And News
We are now able to bring you exciting news of the One Step Beyond album re-issue due for release on 26th October 2009. This has been a subject of much conversation round the Madniverse with speculation as to any likely “extras” that might be included and formats etc. Well wonder no longer and just….errr…wonder in awe at the feast that has been prepared. 2 CD’s, 33 audio tracks, 5 video tracks, booklet notes from Irvine Welsh and much more:

One Step Beyond - 30th anniversary release 2CD set

CD 1 Original Album & Videos

1. One Step Beyond
2. My Girl
3. Night Boat To Cairo
4. Believe Me
5. Land Of Hope and Glory
6. The Prince
7. Tarzan’s Nuts
8. In The Middle of the Night
9. Bed and Breakfast Man
10. Razor Blade alley
11. Swan Lake
12. Rockin’ In Ab
13. Mummy’s Boy
14. Madness
15. Chipmunks are Go

1. The Prince
2. One Step Beyond
3. Bed and Breakfast Man
4. My Girl
5. Night Boat To Cairo

CD 2 John Peel Sessions & Bonus Tracks

1. The Prince (Peel session)
2. Bed and Breakfast Man (Peel session)
3. Land of Hope & Glory (Peel session)
4. Stepping Into Line (Peel session)
5. One Step Beyond ( 7″ single version)
6. My Girl (Mike Barson Demo)
7. Mistakes
8. Un Paso Adelante
9. Nutty Theme
10. My Girl (Ballad - Flexipop)
11. Stepping Into Line
12. Un Paso Avanti
13. Deceives The Eye
14. The Young And The Old
15. Don’t Quote Me On That
16. Razor Blade Alley (Live Dance Craze)
17. Night Boat To Cairo (Live Dance Craze)
18. One Step Beyond (Live Dance Craze)

It has a 3 part card gate-fold-out packing, original album artwork on cover and on 3 panels inside sleeve.

With additional 1979 publicity shot.

24 page sleeve notes booklet including ”Number Two Cuts” written by author Irvine Welsh (one for Trainspotters this then!!), with singles and video art/photos, lyrics & credits. Collector's Checklist.

There is a Circle M design on sleeve and number 1 on spine to line up with forthcoming albums presumably Absolutely will be (2).

From Union Square Music on Salvo label. Digitally remastered.
Holy crap! This looks like it's gonna be an extraordinary re-issue (it even has the live tracks that had to be cut from the Dance Craze soundtrack)--they're setting the bar mighty high with this one!


Jon said...

I'll be getting it day one, however I think the tracklist is a little disappointing. All those tracks have released before, most of them on CD even.

Kames Jelly said...

i cant wait to get this. this will be my third time buying one step beyond and absolutely, and second time for the rest of them.

however, i feel like theres a glaring oversight in not including their first single on here, seeing as how the two tone versions of Madness and The Prince are different then the album versions and i feel like theres not a copyright issue since the dance craze songs are on there.

im psyched for the peel session and the b-sides though. itll be nice to finally have the b sides on CD since i never got the bsides box set for many reasons, including lack of money and those annoying interview clips tacked on to the ends and beginnings of songs.

Steve from Moon said...

Yeah, I was just trying to listen to "The Business" box set and had forgotten about those sound clips. It is a great collection of songs, but completely ruined by the mini interviews.

Adam Coozer said...

Wow, 30 years! Dang.

Steve from Moon said...

I was freakin' 13 in the fall of 1979. Even though I was a fairly clueless lad, I was aware of punk rock (and remember being very amused that a band was calling themselves the Sex Pistols, which I interpreted as a double-entendre for The Penises!) and was becoming a huge fan of new wave (B-52s, Devo, Blondie, Ramones)--but hadn't really discovered 2 Tone yet (that would take another year or two).