Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Prince Buster Camden Gig Cancelled/Gaz Mayall at Carnival

From Jean-Paul Séculaire's The London Dossier blog:
Bad news I'm afraid; the Prince Buster gig at the Camden Centre (due to take place on the 5th September) has been cancelled. I have been given no official explanation for this, but have heard through the grapevine that it is due to medical problems. I can only hope that Prince Buster and his band are ok and that any illness is not serious.
The Duff Guide to Ska had noted this gig in an earlier post. We wish The Prince a quick recovery and all the best.

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Jean-Paul Séculaire also has posted some info about the Notting Hill Carnival, which took place this past weekend, including this bit about our old friend Gaz Mayall (of The Trojans and Gaz's Rockin' Records):
The two must-visit sounds are The Gladdy Wax Road Show, which plays 60s ska through to 70s reggae, and Gaz's Rockin' Blues, which plays mento, calypso, ska, rocksteady, early reggae, soul and rhythm & blues. Gaz's soundsystem is always the biggest and most exciting-looking too (in fact he's deservedly won the "best-dressed sound" prize a number of times over the years) and each year he picks a different theme for it.

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