Monday, February 22, 2010

iBonin' in the Boneyard

The Duff Guide to Ska has just learned of a pretty amazing iPhone/iPod Touch application that's perfect for all of the ska trombonists (and wannabes) out there called iBone. Check out their website for some demo videos to see how it all works. And you might be interested to know that iBone won 'Best Musical Instrument App' of 2009 in the Best App Ever awards. (I wonder what Don Drummond would have thought of this if we were lucky enough to still have him around.)

One of the neat aspects of this program is that you can play your virtual horn along with any song in your iTunes library (which, in a way, is much cooler than anything you can do on Guitar Hero).

Time to work on "Guns of Navarone!"

1 comment:

Kames Jelly said...

That's actually pretty cool. I'll stick with my real trombone though... haha