Sunday, April 11, 2010

Catch That (N.Y.) Beat!

Thanks to everybody who came out last night to the fantastic N.Y. Beat 25th Anniversary Reunion party at Dusk Lounge. I'll let Marco--who was the driving force behind this whole thing--fill you all in on who showed from which N.Y. Beat bands (there will be lots of pictures, I'm sure). I deejayed from 9:00 pm until a bit after 2:00 am, so I wasn't able to mingle and talk to that many people (though thanks to the peeps who stopped by the DJ booth, including Megg and Ashray of Across the Aisle; King Django; Big Abby from Moon (!); Dave Barry, ex-Second Step, Beat Brigade, and The Toasters; Roger Apollon, Jr. and Chris Malone from Bigger Thomas; Kames Jelly; Pete from Silver Dollar; Andre of The Press; Victor; Kurt "who needs to get hurt," who was one of the original NYC rude boys, hanging out with Sean Dinsmore and Lionel Bernard way before they became the Unity 2; and others I don't mean to omit).

You might be interested to know that of the tracks I played, the ones that compelled several people to come up and ask me who they were hearing included The Drastics' MJ A Rocker (which is available as a free download--though I have a vinyl copy that I ordered through Jump Up and you might be able to find it at Rock and Soul in Manhattan) and preview cuts from RiceRokit's Pidgin English (which will be released by Megalith later this year).

Is a "Ska Face" celebration up next?


Adam Coozer said...

I wish I could've been there!

Kames Jelly said...

I had a blast. I was bummed I had to leave at midnight but I had a hellish train ride ahead of me. You set the bar high for me. I'll have to do my best to live up to it when I DJ the Specials afterparty.

Also, Kurt was the most interesting character I met that night. He had great stories. I look forward to seeing him at the Specials show/afterparty. He already told me he'll be "bothering" me while I'm DJing haha.

Babaskate said...

Dang! Wish I knew about this!

Steve from Moon said...

Sorry you missed this, dude!