Tuesday, October 27, 2020

3rd Wave Flashback: Never Before Seen Photos of the Skavoovee-era Toasters in Action!

A few weeks ago, photographer Pete Reitzfeld (twin brother of Sid Reitzfeld of the '80s NYC ska bands The A-Kings and Thick As Thieves) handed me ten 11" x 17" prints of black and white photos he had taken of The Toasters back in 1993 or so (note the Skavoovee tour shirt in one shot), but didn't give to the band at the time because he didn't think they were quite good enough. (A few years earlier, Pete had taken the band photo featured on the This Gun for Hire artwork.)

Not that I'm an expert, but I think I have a pretty good eye, and these shots of The Toasters capture that band's live energy really well and are worth sharing (that night, they were most likely performing songs from New York Fever and the then forthcoming Dub 56). My old iPhone camera doesn't quite do Pete's prints justice, but we're going with what we've got.

The Toasters' horn section (l-r): "Rocksteady" Fred Reiter, Brian Sledge, Rick Faulkner.

Rob "Bucket" Hingley

Coolie Ranx

Jonathan McCain

The Toasters' rhythm section (l-r): Matt Malles and Jonathan McCain.

Rocksteady Freddie and fans. 

Rick Faulkner



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