Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Free Madness Cover Track; New Madness Single

To help promote the excellent Madness 30th Anniversary Tribute compilation (and functioning as a now belated Xmas present to the ska world and Madness fans in particular), the good folks over at French-MIS (Madness Information Service) and Big 8 Records are offering a free digital download of the unreleased version of the French band Indeed's cover of "The Sun and the Rain" (another cut of this song is included on the tribute album). So, to kick off the New Year, enjoy a guilt-free file sharing, kids!

Oh, and the guys at the French-MIS would probably be pissed at me if I didn't mention that the next single off of Madness' The Liberty of Norton Folgate, the bittersweet "Forever Young," is being released on January 18th through the Madshop, and will be available in various mixes on multiple formats (7" vinyl, CD, digital downloads).

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