Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lionel Bernard, Ex-Member of Unity 2 and Toasters Escapes Haiti

Lionel Bernard, formerly of the Unity 2 with Sean Dinsmore (which was part of the Skaboom/Thrill Me Up-era Toasters before they split off in 1989 for their reggae/hip hop major label release, What is it Yo?!), was recently interviewed on MSNBC, after being evacuated out of earthquake-devastated Haiti on a US military flight.

Here is the video--Lionel appears at around 1:45 and talks about the desperate conditions in Haiti:

We're glad to know that Lionel made it back safely to his family in the US.

I've heard that there is at least one ska benefit for Haiti being planned in NYC for early February (stay tuned for details). Meanwhile, Bigger Thomas have already set up a Haiti fundraiser in the Philly area on January 31st at the Sellersville Theatre (where 100% of the ticket price will be donated directly to the International Red Cross).

(Hat tip to Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Ska Compilation "N.Y. Beat: Hit & Run" for the link to the Lionel Bernard news footage.)

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On a much lighter and happier note, here is the Unity 2's 1989 music video for their hit, "Shirlee," which was directed by Matt Dillon and features model Veronica Webb:

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