Friday, January 29, 2010

Megalith Records Sale, Plus New Releases in 2010

I meant to post this some time ago, but you should know that if you've been meaning to buy any of the great CDs released on Megalith Records, ALL OF THEM are on sale for $6.00 each on their website (marked down from their regular--and quite reasonable--price of $8.99). This sale is over at the end of January, so you need to place your order this weekend!

If you've never picked up RiceRokit's Hang Loose (which I highly recommend--check out The Duff Guide to Ska review here) or want to check out the new Royal City Riot Coast to Coast album, now is the time do it!

New releases coming down the Megalith pipeline in 2010 include albums from Carlos Dingo, The Authentics, and my pal Buford O'Sullivan; the sophomore RiceRokit album Pidgin English; The Toasters' 2 Tone Army re-issue (aka Hard Band for Dead), and many more!

Megalith will also be issuing a stack of new vinyl this year: several LP-only releases (like the N.Y. Beat 3 compilation, which I am helping to put together), and other essential Mega albums that have never before been pressed on wax. Good stuff.


Jacob Wake Up! said...

New releases of catalog music, or new releases of new music? N.Y. Beat 3??


Jeremy Patton said...

The new Buford will be on Vinyl and Digital Download only. Same goes for the NY Beat 3 compilation. We are looking to an HCS vinyl and possible DGB vinyl as well. We will NOT be putting out straight vinyl releases of stuff already on CD.

Steve from Moon said...


Everything will be revealed...soon! THT are in my sights...



Steve from Moon said...


Thanks for the clarification!