Monday, March 13, 2017

Rumored Record Store Day 2017 Ska and Reggae Releases

The beloved/despised Record Store Day will be upon us next month (April 22, 2017) and even though the official list of releases is not yet public, like all private-confidential-classified information, it has been leaked on the internet for all to see. Vinyl Factory (amongst others) has posted a list of anticipated releases and from it I've sorted the ska/reggae keepers from the dross (like--I kid you not--a 12" picture disc for Toto's "Africa" and Corey Feldman's "Go 4 It" swirl-colored vinyl single, featuring Snoop Dogg):

Creation RebelStarship Africa [LP] (limited to 1000, indie-retail exclusive) LP

Ken Boothe, Dillinger, Leroy Smart, Delroy WilsonWhite Man In Hammersmith Palais [7”] (wrapped in a two-sided replica promotional poster, limited to 1000, indie-retail exclusive) 7″

Mad Professor Meets Jah9Mad Professor Meets Jah9… In the Midst of the Storm [LP] (limited to 900, indie-retail exclusive) LP

Peter ToshLegalize It [LP] (POT-SCENTED! Jamaican Red/Yellow/Green-Striped Colored Remastered Vinyl, limited/numbered to 2500, indie-exclusive) LP

U-RoyDread In A Babylon [LP] (18” x 24” color poster, limited to 1000, indie-retail exclusive) LP

Various ArtistsRecutting The Crap Vol. 1 [LP] (Green or Black Vinyl, reinterpretations of The Clash ‘Cut The Crap,’ includes Joe Strummer interviews, download, indie-exclusive, limited to 1000) LP

Various ArtistsSoul Jazz Records Presents: Studio One Hi-Fi [5×7”] (limited to 500, indie-retail exclusive) 7″

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I'm sure most of these releases are UK-only, though I do know that Crooked Beat Records in DC area is releasing the Clash tribute (the Scotch Bonnets contributed a track, "Are You Red...Y"). I have no idea what the deal is with the White Man In Hammersmith Palais single is, though I strongly suspect that it is actually a Clash re-issue, since those are the reggae singers referenced in the song.

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Selector JBo said...

Nice thanks - very curious to see what that White Man in Hammersmith Palais 7" is really all about... !

Selector JBo said...
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Charles Benoit said...

Thanks for doing the work! Now, any chance we can get you to stand in line for us?

Steve from Moon said...

Charles, I think you can hire someone on Taskrabbit to do that! Best, Steve

Mark said...

Unless I'm mistaken, there's also a limited 7" from Madness this year - Drip Fed Fred b/w Johnny The Horse...

Madness presents : Drip Fed Fred / Johnny the Horse


Madness returns with a splendid DOUBLE A-SIDER. On this 7-inch the mightily menacing reggae skank 'Drip Fed Fred' (featuring Ian Dury's 'RIP' last vocal performance before his death!) is backed with the equally catchy 'Johnny The Horse'. And you also get a free poster!

Release date : 22/04/2017

Steve from Moon said...


Thanks for the tip! Will check out!



Mr. Tatman's Chemistry Page said...

Hopeton Lewis / Vin Gordon & The Supersonics : There She Goes / Reggay Trombone (both unreleased) – 7″

Steve from Moon said...

Thanks, Mr. Tatman!

Yes, I just was looking at the official US and UK Record Store Day releases and saw that sweet Trojan single. I'm planning to post an updated list of ska/reggae RSD releases soon.